A fun workshop for all ages, participants work with artists from our company to create unique, coloured shadow puppets – then bring them to life! Each shadow puppet goes home with its creator for further fun.

Stupendous Shadows can either be an hour long stand-alone workshop for up to 30 people, or a rolling workshop for festival crowds where hundreds of participants create puppets with us!

For our rolling festival workshops, participants spend 20 to 30 minutes creating their masterpieces, then learn how to bring them to life with an artist from our company. All materials are provided, and we can cater for up to 80 people an hour. While we have a range of existing puppet templates available, custom templates can be created on request.

If needed, our shadow marquee (for daytime use) or our giant outdoor shadow screens (for night) can be setup for the workshops. Go HERE for further details, and to see our shadow screens in action!

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Workshop duration and participant numbers varies per event and location. Stupendous Shadows is available for ages 3+ and their adults. Get in touch for further details.

Produced by Curious Legends
Original concept by Conor Fox & Mitchell Reese