Embark on a captivating journey suitable for all ages with our Stupendous Shadows workshop. Collaborate with our skilled artists to craft unique and colourful shadow puppets, then breathe life into your creations! Each participant takes their shadow puppet home for continued fun and storytelling.

Stupendous Shadows offers a flexible experience, serving as either a standalone hour-long workshop for up to 30 participants or a dynamic rolling workshop for festival crowds, accommodating hundreds of eager puppet creators!

For our rolling festival workshops, participants delight in a 20 to 30-minute creative session, crafting their masterpieces before learning the art of puppet animation from our talented artists. While we offer a range of existing puppet templates, custom designs can be tailored to your preferences upon request. All materials provided.

To enhance the experience, consider our shadow marquee for daytime workshops or our impressive giant outdoor shadow screens for evening events. Visit HERE for further details and witness the enchantment of our shadow screens in action!

Workshop duration and participant numbers varies per event and location – It can be offered as a 60 minute workshop for small groups, or a rolling workshop over a number of hours. Stupendous Shadows is available for ages 3+ and their adults. Get in touch for further details.

Photos by Sol Took This & Marina Neil
Produced by Curious Legends
Original concept by Conor Fox & Mitchell Reese