Penjelajahan Orang Utan (Adventure of the Orangutan) was a permaculture street theatre project created in collaboration with Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan in May & June of 2016. Our aim was to inspire local villagers from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, to take action towards sustainability through fun and celebratory theatre. Using a mixture of community engagement, performance workshops, and making sessions, 4 Australian artists (Shani Moffat, Matina Moutzouris, Mitchell Reese, and Frederika Paembonan) worked with staff from Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan to create an inspired series of performances with the local community. These then toured villages throughout the region, as well as the main city of Palangka Raya. Highlights included working with children from each village we performed in – sometimes with all the kids from that village joining us in the show!

Header Image & Video by Manu Films
Mitchell Reese – Project Lead
Shani Moffat – Project Lead
Matina Moutzouris – Puppet Design & Creation
Frederika Paembonan – Project Lead & Translator
Jayadi Paembonan – Project Lead & Indonesian Leader

Huge thanks to the many, many, many wonderful children
& Indonesian participants who worked with us!!

This project was very generously funded and supported by the Australian Indonesian Institute, the Australian Ministry of the Arts Catalyst Program, and many crowd-funding supporters.