From 2021 to early 2022, we worked with the Newcastle Worimi community in the Onebygamba Project – an exploration of culture along the banks of the Throsby Creek in Carrington. Onebygamba is the traditional name for Carrington, which the Dates Family – an offshoot clan of the Worimi Nation – have lived on for generations.

Each Sunday, family and the wider community were invited to join in with culture – stories, dance, performances, health talk, and food. These culture days still continue today – See below for videos created with their community, and photos of Culture Days.

In March of 2022, Newcastle Council commissioned us to create a large scale, outdoor performance with the Newcastle Worimi community along the banks of the Throsby Creek. Called Gimbay Gatigaan (friendly Mudcrab in language), this was an outdoor spectacle involving community, Aboriginal Dancing, and giant, illuminated, puppets. For more information, including pictures and video of the event, go HERE.

For more details on the Onebygamba Project, and the Newcastle Worimi community, go to the Nyuragil Guung website:

Onebygamba Project – Culture Day Photos & Video

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Header Image by Paul Szumilas, with filter added
Video by Ed Hernando (Photolook)

This project has been very generously supported by Orica, the Stronger Communities program from the
Australian Government (Sharon Claydon), and the NSW Government through Heritage NSW.