In July and August of 2018, Curious Legends created Legenden Vom Licht with participants from the 15th Subud World Congress in Freiburg, Germany.

A large scale outdoor theatre performance, over 100 participants performed with our core group of professional artsits. Illuminated lanterns, live music, a 40+ strong choir, flying mask puppets, and our giant puppet Oonti combined to create an spectacle for over 500 people. It was an incredible experience, and our team was delighted to have taken part!

The project involved 10 days of creation, making, and devising with participants from all over the world. Each day a steady stream of people moved through our studios. Project participants created masks, painted props, helped with lighting, covered our giant puppet, devised work, composed music, and in general created the whole event with us. It was a humbling experience to have so many talented and enthusiastic participants joining us in our work!

Thanks again to the many participants who brought this production to life – Caterina and Arisai from the Subud Congress team, Rusydah who made everything happen, and Raphaella Sapir – who as well as creating her stock of lanterns alongside us, brought almost all our tools from the UK. Thanks Raphaella!

Finally – thanks to the wonderful children and participants who performed with us – you made this show incredible! Catch you next project.

Cast & Crew

Artistic Director & Musician – Mitchell Reese
Principal Maker & Performer – Conor Fox
Co-producer & Performer – Shani Moffat
Angela Fisco – Performer& Group Leader
Catarina Mauritti – Photography and Support Crew
Raphaella Sapir – Lantern Making, Coordination & Studio Support
Arisai  Fleischhacker – Musician and Support Crew
Toma Sapir – Musician
Lydia Sillem – Treeswarm Leaves & Forrest Support
Audrey Lonergan – Choir Coordinator & Performer
Nadji – Costume design & creation
Heinz Cadera – Videography

Hadrian Fraval – Funding Patron
And all the wonderful kids and adults who performed with us!