So – who works in our company? We have a range of artists and creative talent we work with on a regular basis.
See below for who’s who! Like to work for us? Get in touch!

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Mitchell Reese – Artistic Director

Mitchell has been working in the Arts for over 20 years. From his start as a musician and travelleing storyteller, Mitchell’s passion and drive for all things theatre has lead to a carrer spanning performance, making, directing, and community theatre. The Artistic Director of Curious Legends, Mitchell is the driving force between all our many and varied activities.

Elli Eckersley-Gilmour- Creative Producer

Elli grew up learning traditional art forms at the feet of her mother, and has spent time in circus, improv and activist spaces developing skills in performance and visual storytelling.

Georgia Gaffney – Studio Artist

Georgia Gaffney is a performer, maker, and designer. Creator of our much loved Bin Chicken puppet, Georgia is a core artist across many Curious Legends project, workshops, and performances.

Conor Fox – Studio Artist

A multi-disciplinary artist, Conor is in his element performing and devising theatre, as well as making.

Rahkel Bose – Studio Artist

Rahkel Bose is a performer and textile artist, stirring up magic both in the studio, and wherever she goes.

Alex Fairclough – Blue Wizard

Meet Alex Fairclough, our electronics enchantment expert! 🧙‍♂️ As a mechatronics engineer, and director at his local electronics startup ‘Z Squared DSP,’ Alex seamlessly integrates technical and creative brilliance into the custom electronics design, assembly, and programming for the LEDs that illuminate our magical puppets here at Curious Legends.

Ali Pickup – Office Manager

Ali initially joined our crew in 2021 as an intern working 4 hours per week, and she now runs just about anything involving a computer! Outside of Curious Legends, she’s a Circus Performer and Instructor.

Jamie Sy – Social Media & Marketing

Jamie has been working in marketing in the tech world for over 5 years. Her curiosity for what life has to offer has now led her to shift industries to the arts and water sports. A friend to everyone, Jamie’s knack for bringing people together in creativity is cherished at Curious. As a performer, Jamie is both playful and polished, with her strong movement practice evident in the way she handles our puppets with ease and efficiency.