Join the crew from Curious Legends to learn what YOU can create from everyday TRASH! Bits of string, plastic coffee lids, old containers – don’t throw it away!! Reused items make the coolest critters…

In our Curbside Critters workshop, kids and their adults will be shown how to use random bits of trash and rubbish, string, and LOADS of imagination to create new friends – we then show them how to bring their creatures to life through object theatre and puppetry. These can be used for further adventures at home, in the park, or anywhere!

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Workshop duration and participant numbers varies per event and location. Curbside Critters is a 60 minute workshop, recommended for ages 5+ and their adults. Get in touch for further details.

Curbside Critters (above) by Alice Mckaig

Produced by Curious Legends
Original concept by Mitchell Reese and Georgia Gaffney