G’day from the Bush Clowns! A rowdy bunch of Australian fauna that love to play games, dance and occasionally play pranks!

Golden Bell Frog: Slimy, sticky and silly.
Echidna: Be careful of the spikes!
Kookaburra: Always keen for a good laugh.
Black cockatoo: Loud, loud and LOUD
Koalas: Sometimes cuddly, sometimes crazy
Platypus: Decided to swim out of their burrow to see what all the fuss is about
Emu: The ~~tallest~~ kookiest bird in Australia!

Photos by Soltookthis
Bush Clowns created by Fingers Crossed Creative

Our Bush Clowns were commissioned by Newcastle City Council & the New Annual Festival. Huge thanks to Newcastle City Council for supporting Artist Training with this project through their Boost Arts Grant.