Commissioned by Newcastle City Council and the New Annual Festival, Taylor’s Run premiered at the inaugural New Annual Festival in February of 2021. Created as a site-specific theatre performance at the Summerhill Waste Transfer Centre, this production involved our crew of professional artists from Curious Legends working with a very talented team of kids as core artists in the production.

Images by Soltookthis
Video by FAD Sessions

Cast & Crew

Sienna McEntyre – Taylor
Jyoti Sharma – Taylor
Phoenix Devir – Trash Goon
Chloe Swain – Trash Goon
Jules Hill – Trash Goon
Miriam Wellard – Trash Goon
Ned Connor – Trash Goon
Samantha Lambert – Trash Goon
Alicia Gonzalez – Piggy
Joshua Anderson – Mr. Chuckit, Puppetry
Georgia Gaffney – Mr’s Chuckit, Puppetry
Mitchell Reese – Director, Puppetry
Conor Fox – Designer, Puppetry

Commissioned by the New Annual Festival (NCC), and supported by the Made.In.Newcastle project through the Australian Government RISE fund.