What lives in YOUR trash? 

‘Hatched’ is the latest show from Curious Legends, featuring 2 adorable Ibis Chicks – Nellie and Sid – making their way in the world. Hatching from a wheelie bin, these baby bin chickens will light up the night with their antics, clowning, and glowing illumination. 

Modelled after the humble bin chicken – much maligned by Australian culture – the Ibis is reimagined in this playful performance by Curious Legends. Perhaps we have more in common with bin chickens than we realise…

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Dates: June 23 – 25
Times: 6:15pm, 7:30pm & 8:30pm
Location: Un[Contained] Arts Festival
Further event details: https://www.georgesriver.nsw.gov.au/Community/Events/Council-Events/Un-contained-Arts-Festival

Cast & Crew

Artistic Director: Mitchell Reese
Dramaturgy: Georgia Gaffney, Jamie Sy, Stephanie Rochet, Harley Duguid
Puppet Design & Creation: Alice McKaig
Lighting Design: Alex Fairclough
Puppetry Direction: Conor Fox
Music: Ungus, Ungus, Ungus

Georgia Gaffney
Jamie Sy
Stephanie Rochet
Harley Duguid

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to Create NSW annual program funding for making Hatched possible, as well as City of Newcastle for initial funding of the Flock project, which puppets from Hatched were built for.

Puppets designed and created by Alice McKaig
Photos by Wanagi Zable-Andrews