We’re so excited for you to join us for Fever Dream!

Featuring a giant, 8 metre long Stingray, you’ll be swept away in an interactive performance as part of the show. Light, colour, and a unique soundscape combine into an unforgettable experience for kids of all ages.

Join us for workshops pre-show, where you are invited to make handheld stingrays illuminated with lighting tech from the Curious Legends Studio. Then, as darkness falls, join in the performance as Stingrays floating next to, around, and under Curious Legends’ illuminated giants! Soaring Pelicans, laughing giants and hugely wicked mudcrabs combine into an evening’s unforgettable performance. 

Check In

Thanks for coming to our show! While bookings are essential for us to manage numbers, we rely on an honesty system for this free event. Please check-in HERE.

Artistic Director’s Notes

Fever Dream has been a journey – all creation processes are. While my name however is down as the writer of this production, it has been a group effort. From artists in our studio, to past project participants, this show springs from previous work created with the Worimi mob of Newcastle for Gimbay Gatigaan in 2022. In sharing this tale with you, we are sharing elements of Worimi culture sacred to the Dates Family. With deep felt thanks, we offer our gratitude to Auntie Debbie Dates, and all the mob from Newcastle for our past work.

Fever Dream however is not an Aboriginal story. It is a dreaming from people of all walks of life, imagining life deep within the ocean. It is inspiration – a wash of light, colour, and sound. Mainly however? It is about you. Come dream with us – add your light to ours. Perhaps, after all, we are all creatures in the ocean, swimming along on the vast tides of life. What kind of sea creature are you?

Mitchell Reese,
Artistic Director

Message from the Dates Family Mob

We’ve worked with Curious Legends – particularly Puppet (that’s what our mob call Mitchell) since 2016, with the show Jack’s Place. Since then, we’ve shared stories from our people with them through art, dance and laughter. (We love your work Puppet, but you still can’t make a decent cup of tea mate!)

Gimbay Gatigaan (friendly mudcrab in language) was something special – we’re delighted Puppet has travelled to Perth to share these creations with you. While not our story, we’ve given permission for these elements to be reworked in a new way. And so – with delight – enjoy Fever Dream. With respect, from our mob out East to yours.

Auntie Debbie & the Dates Family Mob


Stingray-Making Workshops:

Our workshops run in 30 minute slots, and are taking place at the following times:
Saturday, June 24: 4:00pm-5:30pm
Sunday, June 25: 4:00pm-5:30pm
Location: Langley Park – Terrace Rd, East Perth WA 6004


Saturday, June 24: 6:00pm
Sunday, June 25: 6:00pm
Location: Langley Park – Terrace Rd, East Perth WA 6004
Cost: Free!
Book your tickets here

Cast & Crew

Artistic Director: Mitchell Reese
Puppet Design: Alice McKaig & Conor Fox
Lighting Design: Alex Fairclough
Production Manager: Elli Eckersley-Gilmour
Music: Aex Fairclough, Phoebe Carter-Swain, Naomi Dart, Mitchell Reese
Narration: Parrallel Dimension (Maia Harlap)
Sound Operation: Alex Fairclough

Rahkel Bose
Daniel Harris
Rachel Jackett
Sandra McKendrick
Dawn Pascoe
Summer Williams
Tamara Creasey
Zalia Joi
St John Cowcher
Delaney Burke
Alicia Osyka
Stephanie Mateo
Clea Purkis
Ea Sulak
Helia Sulak
Nigel Luck
Shona Schutz

Special Thanks

Our giant stingray, crab, and pelican were created as part of our Gimbay Gatigaan performance in March 2022, and was made and performed in collaboration with the Dates mob and the local Worimi community in Newcastle, Australia.

Thank you to the Perth State Government’s CBD Revitalisation Grant Program for funding this performance, and to Create NSW for their support in this production through their 2023 Annual Funding.