With magical masks you can be anyone! Masks have been used for centuries, from Commedia dell’arte, to ancient Egypt, Dayak spirits and modern carnivale, masks are used to experiment, play and transform!

We will guide you through the process to make your very own mask, expressing your wildest imagination to create something completely unique to you!

Magical Masks can either be a stand-alone workshop for up to 30 people, or a rolling workshop for festival crowds where hundreds of participants create wonderful colourful and diverse masks!

Our masks are also created from a mix of reused and recyclable materials, thus encouraging people to create without adding more to landfill.

This workshop is run by a professional artist from Curious Legends.


Workshop duration and participant numbers varies per event and location.
Magical Masks is available for ages 5+ and their adults. Get in touch for further details!


Produced by Curious Legends