We’re working with the Newcastle Worimi community in the Onebygamba Project – an exploration of culture along the banks of the Throsby Creek in Carrington. Onebygamba is the traditional name for Carrington, which the Dates Family – an offshoot clan of the Worimi Nation – have lived on for generations.

Every Sunday, members of their Mob meet on Country to learn, celebrate, and explore culture. For more details about their regular culture days, go to the Nyuragil Guung website: www.spiritualwaterways.org/cultural-meeting-place/

Pelican Performance (Sunday, July 4th) Postponed

Aunty Debbie:
“We are pelicans, and celebrate ‘Black’ & ‘White’ alike.
Be part of our story – that of the longest,
continual culture in Onebygamba –  we would love you to join us!”

Unfortunately, due the the current Covid situation, we’ve had to postpone this next performance. Rest assured we will be back soon however! Please keep checking here for updated details, and follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/curiouslegends

We’ll be sharing a special performance with the Worimi Mob again soon! Featuring Aboriginal dancing, a traditional smoking ceremony, and our latest studio creation – a giant Pelican Puppet! This performance is part of an outdoor series, leading up to our next large scale performance for the New Annual Festival – Gimbay Gatigaan.


A spiritual smoking cleanse which consists of burning traditional eucalyptus leaves.


The Bloodline Sista Girls and Brother Boys will dance important traditional dances such as The Welcome Dance, The Spirit Dance, The Pelican Dance, and the Sting Ray Dance.


The elders will tell their stories of connecting to the country and the history of our bloodline to our traditional practises.

Photo by Paul Szumilas, with filter added.

This project is proudly supported by Curious Legends, Orica, and Sharon Claydon through the Stronger Communities Fund.